JETS ACQUIRE GUSTAVSSON - Saturday, June 23, 2012
The Winnipeg Jets acquired goaltender Jonas Gustavsson from the Toronto Maple Leafs for a conditional seventh-round draft pick in 2013.
What does it give the Winnipeg Jets?
In Gustavsson, the Jets acquire a goalie thats headed for unrestricted free agency if he doesnt sign with them before July 1. Winnipegs need for depth in the crease was amplified following recent rumors surrounding Ondrej Pavelecs cloudy negotiations regarding a new contract extension. There are also reports of dealings with the KHL. Pavelec is slated to become a restricted free agent next week on July 1.
What does it give the Toronto Maple Leafs?
Gustavsson couldn't make his mark in Toronto, so departing with him isnt be such a big deal. The Leafs are looking at revamping their entire situation in goal anyway. A potential draft pick is never a bad thing, even if it's a distant one.
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conditional seventh-round dratf pick in 2013

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